Are you having trouble working with brands? Are you looking for new brands to work with? We got you! Reaching out to brands can be overwhelming and intimidating but luckily there are influencer platforms that are being the middle man in your potential brand collaboration. In this post, we are sharing our favorite influencer platforms and sharing the pros and cons of each one.


Mavrck is an amazing influencer platform and Kassandra landed her first brand collaboration with Express through them. After two years, she has built a relationship with the Express team and is a Mavrck Copilot as well. Some brand collaborations they have offered in the past include Crocs, Reebok, Lindt Chocolate, EOS, and more. 

Pros: You get the chance to work with top name brands and the sign-up process for every campaign is under five minutes. 

Cons: Many collaborations are gifted. They offer some collaborations that give a visa gift card as compensation.


Heartbeat is an influencer platform that pairs you with collaborations for Instagram and TikTok. Brand opportunities that have been featured in the past are Dunkin', BJ's Wholesale Club, Crayola, Beyond Meat, DryBar, and more.

Pros: They accept influencers not just based on follower count. Most of the opportunities offer payment through Paypal. 

Cons: There is a "payment rate" that you have as an influencer and there is no opportunity for you to negotiate a payment with a brand.


Activate offers gifted, paid, and survey collaborations with some of your favorite brands. Some of these brands include Tinder, Dove, Rooms To Go, Coach, and more.

Pros: Some brands have set rates but many of them allow you to quote a price. You can also send a message to the brand explaining why you will be perfect for the collaboration. 

Cons: Sometimes the brands take a while to reach back out after you apply or they don't even respond at all.


ASPIREIQ is a great influencer platform because you can work with brands on a variety of social channels. Social channels include Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Some brands you may have the chance to work with include Hello Fresh, Lull, L'Oreal, Marriot, and more. 

Pros: You are able to quote a price for each paid brand collaboration. The platform also gives you an opportunity to message the brand and pitch any content ideas for the collaboration you signed up for. 

Cons: You will see a lot of rejections but that is just one step closer to one acceptance.


Influenster is a platform that allows you to try products in exchange for a review or social post. This is a great way to gain experience in brand content creation and then your work can be added to your media kit when pitching to brands in the future. You will receive items in a package called a Voxbox. Kassandra has received products from Becca, Garnier, Revlon, Bite Beauty, Vera Bradley, Shea Moisture, and more from this platform. Follow Kassandra on Influenster @kassayv!

Pros: Free products from your favorite brands. You don't need a huge following to start receiving products.

Cons: You won't be paid. You have to complete surveys to be considered for products and there is a required survey after every Voxbox you receive as well.

Campus Trendsetters

If you are a college student then you need to sign up for Campus Trendsetters. The Her Campus team does an amazing job pairing college students with gifted and paid collaborations. Past collaborations were with brands like Batiste, Bumble, Garnier, Neutrogena, Vera Bradley, and more.

Pros: There is a mixture of paid and gifted campaigns. You don't need to have a huge following to work on these campaigns.

Cons: You have to be a college student.

There are so many other influencer platforms and we plan to share more in the future. In this post, we wanted to focus on platforms that don't require a large following or experience. 

Feel free to comment down below your favorite platforms!